JN Chartered Accountants is an accredited training office and offers internships for candidates wishing to qualify as a:

Why intern at JN Chartered Accountants?

Diverse exposure

JN’s client portfolio includes various industries and types of entities, ranging from individual taxpayers to companies with turnovers in excess of R 1 billion per year. This means that our interns get exposure to all aspects of small, medium and large engagements in a variety of industries. When interning at some firms, an intern may be assigned to one section of one client or industry for their entire internship which may result in that intern being a master of one or limited areas. At JN, you may be exposed to the audit of a manufacturing company on one day, an abattoir on another day and a large wholesaler the next day. This means that by the time you complete your internship at JN, you will have received a wide range of exposure and will be proficient in various areas, thus opening the door for many employment opportunities.

Excellent support and training

The training received by an intern at JN is diverse, with training being provided by all levels of management, including partners. The training that each intern receives is also well documented so as to ensure compliance with the training requirements of our regulators SAIPA, SAICA and IRBA.

Much needed study leave

Study leave is vital to any intern that is working and studying at the same time. JN provides much needed study leave for our interns and allows overtime to be accumulated and taken as study leave as well. JN’s study leave policy provides:

  • Undergraduate studies: 2.5 days per subject limited to 18 days per year
  • Postgraduate studies: 4.5 days per subject limited to 20 days per year
  • CTA level 1: 20 days
  • CTA level 2: 20 days
  • Board exams: 10 days per board exam

Performance incentives

Interns also receive performance incentives on a monthly basis as well as on an annual basis. The monthly incentives may be in excess of 10% of your monthly salary and the annual incentive is in the form of an annual bonus of up to 100% of your monthly salary.