Retention periods When retaining records of personal information of its data subjects, the first point of call for the Responsible Party is to ensure that the records are not retained any longer than is necessary for achieving the purpose for which the information was collected or subsequently processed However, the records may be retained for longer, […]

Non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, have become quite a popular term over the past months with stories of people buying and selling them for millions of dollars. Yet, there is still confusion for many regarding what they are. A fungible item refers to an item or good which can be replaced by an identical item – both […]

Doing business in South Africa can be daunting given the complex raft of regulations and company law. Section 77 codifies liability for directors and prescribed officers. It sets out civil liability (delict and breach of fiduciary duty), and then in sub-section 3, sets out specific statutory liabilities. Section 77 is applicable to an extended definition […]

Any person leaving the Republic of South Africa should declare all goods which they are taking with them beyond the borders of the Republic, including goods which are: All goods (including goods of another person) upon his person or in his possession which were purchased or otherwise acquired abroad or on any ship, vehicle or […]