The past two months of lockdown have been difficult for the tourism sector. Many businesses in the sector fighting for survival and projections showed that almost 600 000 jobs were at risk if the sector doesn’t come into operation by September 2020. This reality led to both government and private sector working together to be both innovative and putting protocol guidelines to get the sector back into operation.


The following areas  have been opened up under Level 3:

  1. Restaurants for delivery or collection of food. Restaurants with liquor licences are allowed to sell alcohol only for takeout and delivery.
  2. Professional services – e.g. tourist guides, tour operators, travel agents, tourism information officers are allowed to come back to operations
  3. Professional Services including training of nature guides and other related services that are able to ensure safe distance.
  4. Public and private game farms have been opened for self-drive excursions
  5. Hiking to be done in compliance with excising guidelines and not in groups
  6. Accommodation activities are allowed except for leisure and establishments will no longer require a letter from Minister of Tourism to operate. They are required to ensure that they accommodate those in the permitted services and keep records for inspections by the department
  7. Hunting activities are also allowed

The following economic activities will remain prohibited under level three:

  • Conferences, events, entertainment activities (such as Festivals) are still not permitted.
  • Casinos not permitted
  • Leisure travel not permitted

If your business is tourism related, why not consult us to assist in developing business plans that could assist your business evolve under our “New Normal”.