To promote economic growth, government intends to restructure the corporate income tax system over the medium term by broadening the base and reducing the rate. Broadening the base will involve minimising tax incentives, and introducing new interest deduction and assessed loss limitations. Rate reductions will be implemented in a revenue-neutral manner.

Government has broadened the corporate income tax base since the early 2000s by taxing foreign dividends, imposing capital gains tax and introducing the controlled foreign company regime. In contrast with many other countries, however, South Africa’s corporate income tax rate has remained unchanged at 28 per cent for more than a decade. As the gap with our trading and investment partners grows, the country’s relative competitiveness declines. India, the United States and the United Kingdom have all recently reduced their corporate income tax rates below 28 per cent.

Reducing the corporate income tax rate will encourage businesses to invest and expand production, improve the country’s competitiveness as an investment destination, and reduce the appeal of base erosion and profit shifting.