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13Nov 2019

Large fiscal deficits incurred over the years, although providing short-term support to the economy, have not resulted in commensurate long-term economic growth. This has led to sharp increases in the government’s debt-to-GDP ratio, which currently stands at 60.8 per cent, and is expected to rise to 71.3 per cent in 2022/23. The growing proportion of […]

13Nov 2019

In February 2019, the president announced the separation of Eskom into three distinct entities: generation, transmission and distribution. The primary objective being to allow each entity to focus on enhancing efficiency, reducing costs and optimising investment on a specific function, rather than trading off efforts amongst all three. In addition, the capital structure will ultimately […]

13Nov 2019

Policy certainty and a conducive business environment are critical to support the confidence of businesses and households. A robust monetary policy framework has provided certainty but needs to be complemented with a range of reforms that are within government’s control and do not require significant funding. These would help to raise long-term growth. The paper […]

13Nov 2019

The 2019 MTBPS has been presented by Minister Tito Mboweni. His opening statement was a reference to the Aloe Ferox plant he brought to Parliament when presenting the February 2019 budget. “This little aloe is emerging from a long winter. During that winter, the ground became hard. The leaves fell from the trees and the […]

06Nov 2019

Description JN Chartered Accountants is a successful audit firm who provides a wide range of services to various clients. We have been in existence since 1953 and continue to expand. We currently have a job opportunity for a permanent full-time Bookkeeper. Duties of the Bookkeeper will include: Administrative duties; Full bookkeeping and accounting function up […]

30Oct 2019

The Minister of Finance, Tito Mboweni, will deliver the MTPBS on the 30th October 2019 at 14h00. This speech is seen by most as a watershed moment. If dramatic action is not taken to address all the current economic ills of South Africa, the ramifications could be dire with ratings agencies and international investors effectively […]